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Asian American History 101

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Apr 28, 2022

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 18! This is another installment in our special interview series. In this episode, we talk to Brad Jenkins, the President and CEO of the AAPI Victory Fund, the first Super PAC focused on mobilizing Asian American and Pacific Islander voters in the U.S. We’ve talked about how representation in media, the boardroom, and athletics are all important. AAPI representation in the legislature, the executive office, and the judicial branch is essential because they can help accelerate education, understanding, and ultimately equity. This is at the core of the AAPI Victory Fund. Brad Jenkins was also an award-winning producer with Funny or Die and founded Enfranchisement Productions. If you want change and more AAPI representation, we encourage you to follow the work of the AAPI Victory Fund and donate to amplify their work. For previous episodes and information, please visit our site at or social media links at If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email us at