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Asian American History 101

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Nov 1, 2021

Welcome to Episode 56! There are Asian Pacific Islander Americans everywhere in the United States of America. But did you know there was a thriving Chinese community in the Mississippi Delta? In this episode we take time to talk about the history of the Chinese Americans in that area of the South. We also introduce a new recurring segment called Accidentally Asian Pacific Positive where we discuss TV and feature films that may not have focused on an Asian Pacific storyline but have positive Asian Pacific portrayals. This week we discuss the TV show The Good Place and the movie Yesterday. If you would like to learn more about the Chinese Americans in the Mississippi Delta, then we suggest this AJ+ episode The Untold Story of America’s Southern Chinese, a website called The Mississippi Delta Chinese: An Audiovisual Narrative, and also the documentary Far East Deep South. To learn more, please visit our site at or for social media. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email us at


  • 00:26 Woah… Talking about 56 Episodes and Where Asian Pacific Islanders Live in America
  • 05:23 Chinese Americans in the Mississippi Delta
  • 17:24 Accidentally Asian Pacific Positive… The Good Place and Yesterday