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Asian American History 101

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Jul 22, 2021

Welcome to Episode 39 of the Asian American History 101 podcast! In this mid-week episode, we are continuing our series on Asian Americans Making an Impact. This episode features an interview of Rosita González. Known as the Korean Hillbilly, Rosita is a Korean American adoptee who was raised in Tennessee. She’s a content creator and promoter of the Asian American adoptees’ lived stories. We were so fortunate that she took time out of her busy day to share her story and provide more depth to the topic of Asian American adoptees to non-asian families. To learn more about Rosita and the organizations she talks about, you can go to her mothermade blog, the Korean Unwed Mothers Families Association, Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link, and KoRoot. Continue to learn more and visit our site at or for social media. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email us at