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Asian American History 101

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Nov 22, 2021

Welcome to Episode 59! The Chinese Exclusion Act is one for the most restrictive laws that limited immigration. Although the majority of Chinese were barred from entering the country or becoming naturalized citizens, there was one loophole that allowed many Chinese Americans to claim citizenship and bring in additional Chinese. These were known as paper sons and daughters. We also talk about one particularly famous paper son, Tyrus Wong. There’s a great documentary about him called Tyrus by director Pamela Tom. Additionally, we bring back our segment What Are We Listening To? We talk about the music of Sanjana, Monsune, EASHA, Shreea Kaul, Silk Sonic, Deb Never. Do you have a favorite Asian Pacific American musician? Let us know! To learn more, please visit our site at or for social media. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email us at


  • 00:26 Chinese Exclusion Act Comment
  • 04:39 History of Paper Sons and Remembering Tyrus Wong
  • 13:55 What Are We Listening To?