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Asian American History 101

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May 12, 2022

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 22! We’ve had so many wonderful recent conversations with guests, and we don’t want it to stop!  So here’s another installment in our mid-week interview series. This episode is a conversation with Yvonne Chapman, an actress best known recently as Zhilan, the main antagonist in the CW remake of Kung Fu. Her career also includes recurring roles in the TV shows Family Law and Street Legal. She generously shared her time and stories with us on her life in finance, struggles in auditioning, supporting diverse Asian Pacific roles, and more. Whether as Kyoshi on the upcoming adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender or on a future project she writes herself, we’re excited to see what Yvonne does next. For previous episodes and information, please visit our site at or social media links at If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email us at