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Asian American History 101

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Mar 28, 2022

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 13! Do you know why people born in the United States get birthright citizenship? Most textbooks point to the 14th Amendment as the reason for this, but the U.S. vs. Wong Kim Ark ruling solidified this right. In this episode, we discuss the history of this landmark ruling and also share some positive current events. In our second segment, we bring back What Are We Listening To? We talk about the podcast They Call Us Bruce as well as new music from Raveena and SASAMI. For previous episodes and information, please visit our site at or social media links at If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email us at


  • 00:26 News and Thoughts on Citizenship
  • 04:55 The U.S. vs Wong Kim Ark
  • 19:08 What Are We Listening To: They Call Us Bruce, Raveena, and SASAMI